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Understanding the Difference Between Rest and Recovery

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 15, 2018

Recently I received an email message from an athlete who is following one of my online training plans. In it, he asked, “Why do you only have one day off every three weeks?” Although I did not ask the athlete why he asked this question, my assumption was that he was accustomed to training plans […]

Heart Rate Training is Dead, Long Live Heart Rate Training!

By David Warden | March 12, 2018

I remember my first heart rate monitor. A Polar S720i. It used infrared to download data. Infrared! The first time I wore it, it felt like magic. The device was a key to unlock secrets about my body I could have never observed before. I wore it when I exercised, I wore it all day, […]

Low-Carb? Nope. Low-Fat? Nope. High-Quality? Yep.

By Matt Fitzgerald | March 5, 2018

American diet culture has been macronutrient-obsessed for decades, and I’ve been exasperated by this obsession since I first started paying attention to it in the late 1990s. During this period, efforts to identify the “best” diet and the “right” way to eat have been narrowly focused on carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Which of these calorie […]

Why You Shouldn’t Choose a Training Plan Based on a Time Goal

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 26, 2018

If you’re like many other endurance athletes, you have probably followed a readymade training plan at one time or another. Perhaps you found it in a book, or maybe you purchased it online from a website such as Final Surge or TrainingPeaks. If so, then you know that readymade plans are generally classified by race […]

what is healthy eating for runners

Did You Get Enough to Eat?

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 19, 2018

Eating too much is a widespread problem in America. That’s why more than 70 percent of men and women over the age of 20 are overweight or obese. And while there are plenty of clowns running around blaming individual nutrients or food types for these numbers, the simple fact is that overweight and obesity are […]

group of athletes running for multi-pace

The Joy and Utility of Multi-Pace Workouts

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 12, 2018

Most runners target a single intensity in all of their workouts. Either it’s an easy run or long run at a slow and steady pace or a tempo run with an effort at lactate threshold intensity sandwiched between a warm-up and a cool-down or an interval session featuring a set of a certain number of […]

Decision Theory and Racing Weight

By Matt Fitzgerald | February 5, 2018

Regular readers of this blog are probably sick and tired of hearing me yammer on and on about the differences between professional and recreational endurance athletes. But that’s my shtick. I’m all about helping recreational athletes improve by doing things more like the pros. Not all of the differences between elites and age-groupers are methodological. […]

It’s Only Pain

By Matt Fitzgerald | January 29, 2018

During the 13 weeks I spent training with the NAZ Elite professional running team in Flagstaff last summer, I did a few workouts with Sarah Crouch, not a member of the team but an accomplished pro with a 2:32 marathon on her resume. During a couple of these sessions, it was apparent to both of […]

Why I Try to Talk Every Endurance Athlete Who Does CrossFit or Is Interested in Doing CrossFit out of Doing CrossFit

By Matt Fitzgerald | January 22, 2018

These days lots of endurance athletes are supplementing their endurance training with CrossFit workouts, or are interested in doing so. Whenever one of these athletes comes to me for coaching, I try to talk him or her out of it. I do this not because I think CrossFit is intrinsically bad or because I believe […]

Why Attention to Detail Is the Enemy of Healthy Eating

By Matt Fitzgerald | January 15, 2018

As a sports nutritionist, I observe the diets of lots of endurance athletes. After more than a decade of doing so, I can say that perhaps the most important pattern I’ve noticed is that athletes whose diet is consistently working for them (i.e., delivering the results they seek) pay relatively little attention to the details […]

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