Free vs. Premium Strength

Strength Training Plan Options

80/20 Endurance offers two types of strength training plan: Free* and Premium. Both types are designed to plug right into and supplement our 80/20 Endurance plans, or any endurance plan of similar duration. Just load the strength plan onto your calendar using the same start date as your primary plan.

For support on your Premium plan see Understanding Your Premium 80/20 Strength Training PlanFor support on your Free plug-in see Understanding Your Free Strength Training Plug-in. The basic difference between the free plugins and premium plans is that the free plug-ins are free and the premium plans are better. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the differences:

Free Strength Plug-ins

  • *$0 (with coupon code 8020Strength)
  • Designed by 80/20 Endurance coaching staff
  • Limited exercise selection
  • Basic three-phase periodization structure with a fair amount of repetition
  • Same exercises for running and triathlon plans
  • Exercises demonstrated with third-party videos
  • General guidelines for sets, reps, and loads
  • No coaching support
  • Not available for all 80/20 plans
  • No longer maintained or updated
  • Good results

Premium Strength Plans

  • $9.95 – $42.95
  • Designed by AJ Gregg, MS, DC, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the HOKA One One Elite professional endurance team
  • Wide exercise selection
  • Sophisticated four-phase periodization with no duplicate workouts
  • Unique and separate exercises for running and triathlon plans
  • Exercises demonstrated with plan-specific photoillustrations and videos
  • Specific guidelines for sets, reps, and loads
  • Any questions you have about your plan will be addressed by author AJ Gregg
  • Available for all 80/20 plans
  • Documentation and plan regularly updated and maintained
  • Great results