COVID-19 Support – 80/20 Endurance

80/20 Endurance has created a support plan to help athletes adjust training and racing due to COVID-19. Learn More

COVID-19 Support

The COVID-19 crisis has created significant challenges for individuals and families. While participation in endurance sports is insignificant compared to the life-or-death decisions presented by this pandemic, at 80/20 Endurance we want to help athletes safely maintain their training and future race participation. Here are some ways we can help you navigate this challenge:

Free Maintenance Plans

Due to event cancellations and uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 virus, 80/20 Endurance Maintenance Plans are being offered free of charge indefinitely. It is our hope that the Maintenance plan will help athletes transition more easily from one training plan to another as their races are postponed or cancelled. You must use code 2020Aid to receive a 100% discount off the plan.

Indoor Run Plans

Our new Indoor Form Focus plans are specially designed to help runners develop a more efficient stride. Though originally intended as a way for runners make the best of the current health crisis, you can use it whenever you're taking a break from race-focused training and wish to prioritize form over fitness.

How to Modify Your Training Right Now

This document will walk you though solutions to common scenarios. How to modify your training if your event has been cancelled, postponed, or even if you're not sure what will happen with your event. There's a solution to just about every possible scenario, and 80/20 can help you find that solution.

Virtual Race Directory

It's heartbreaking to spend months and months training for an event, only to have it cancelled. Our Virtual Race Directory can help you find an solo race to complete your goal, compete against others, and stay motivated. Your contributions to this directory are welcome.

Forums Support

We've created a dedicated COVID-19 category in the 80/20 Forums to assist with a range of questions and to help you mitigate the impact to your training. We are committed to helping you adjust to cancellations, home workouts, or customizing your plan. The 80/20 Forums are not just for 80/20 athletes; they are open to all athletes.

Additional Resources

Alternate swim workouts, strength training at home and more can be found on our Resources page.