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80/20 Plan Benefits

Meticulously crafted from the principles laid out in Matt Fitzgerald's and David Warden's bestselling books 80/20 Running and 80/20 Triathlon, your electronic 80/20 training plan will provide you with the same workout structure used by the most successful triathletes in the world. It has been specifically formulated to ensure the athlete adheres to the 80/20 principle, and include the following additional benefits:

  • LIFETIME PLAN: All purchased 80/20 Endurance plans become a permanent part of your TrainingPeaks plan library. You can start, stop, and reuse the plan as often as you like, beginning or ending at any point in the plan*.
  • LEVEL GUARANTEE: Not sure which level is right for you? Review our Run, Triathlon, and Cycling Level Comparison Charts to find the best fit. Additionally, each 80/20 plan comes with a Level Guarantee: If you discover that the level you have selected is too hard or too easy for you, simply contact us for a complimentary switch to a different level within the same distance. The Level Guarantee also covers the complimentary switch to a different intensity type (HR, Pace, Power) with the the same plan distance.
  • FREE 30 DAYS OFPREMIUM: 80/20 plans extend existing Premium plans or upgrade Basic for 30 days. Some restrictions apply!**
  • 100% STRUCTURED WORKOUTS: Each workout can be exported to a supported device, which will automatically guide you through the session with duration, lap, and intensity prompts. See our Structured Workout page for more information.

*Lifetime Plans apply to plans purchased individually or through a Bundle. Plans accessed through an 80/20 Subscription are accessible only with an active subscription.

**Not included with 80/20 Sample, Free Plug-in, Maintenance or Form Focus plans. Offer extends your existing Premium account or upgrades from Basic for 30 days. This offer is available one time per athlete and is not applicable to coach-paid accounts.

$ubscribe and $ave!

  • Access to over 600 plans
  • Library of 5,000+ workouts
  • TrainingPeaks Premium
  • An 80/20 Endurance Book


30 day money back guarentee

For as little as $2.32 USD per week, 80/20 Endurance Subscribers receive:

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee